Welcome! Heezy LLC has been developing innovative products of superior design, performance and value since 1997. All of our products are Made in the USA. We believe in the Open Source Model, so this puts 100% of our efforts into delivering what we promise and none into hiding how we do it.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently moving our operations to a new location and will not be fulfilling any orders until we are up and running again, which should be around the first week of August, when all of our products will be available again. Thanks

HTS15-MANWe specialize in easy to install single circuit generator transfer switches, with simple wiring and how to videos that show the home owner how they can install it themselves and save some money. Now you can safely and easily power that Furnace, Boiler, Lighting circuits or Sump pump using a small generator that sips gas.  We also carry DIY automatic transfer switches for use with inverters, battery banks & solar power. Please take a look at our HTS15-AUTO DP (Dual Powered) transfer switch.

We include wiring diagrams for all our products and even have videos on creating your own transfer switch and other projects at home. Why? We love to teach and reach out, to hope and encourage those who like to DIY, we frankly want to give the best value there is and offer the best we can without cutting corners, if that for you includes buying a transfer switch we hope you’ll choose ours.

We are currently working on a Hybrid Automatic/Manual transfer switch and some multi-circuit 15 & 20 Amp 120V transfer switches, outdoor rated versions, plus a 6-circuit 30A 240V transfer switch that will be available Fall 2014.



Barter Your Silver for our products!

Barter Your Silver for our products!


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