Building A Better Product

I wanted to give a little background on some of my decisions, first was having a Lifetime Warranty. I was asked recently why on earth would you do a lifetime warranty? Your going to lose money. It’s true I might lose a little money here or there, but I’ve designed and tested my products thoroughly plus I’m looking for loyalty and if I can take care of someone with an issue, even if my product doesn’t work for them it’s likely they will recommend it to one of their friends.

I’ve always worked in service, from the time I was 13 and had a paper route and I was solely responsible for pickup, delivery and collecting payment. It taught me valuable lessons, then I worked in a grocery store dealing with customers and then into HVAC Service. Having to basically be your own boss as a Service Mechanic can be wonderful and frustrating at the same time. I dealt with trying to charge Grandmas $400 for a fuse to selling Half Million dollar equipment to building owners. If you can’t figure it out your done pretty quickly in that industry.

Having done all the service I have, you deal with many manufacturers and warranties, overtime you realize which companies put out high quality products and those that don’t. Most manufacturers this day only look at the bottom line: How can I make something as cheaply as I can that it meets our minimum requirements? This usually results in poor quality products that overtime fail early, or have many issues over their lifetime.

I pride myself in doing high quality work, going the extra mile to make sure it is done right the first time. I feel the same way about products that I manufacture. I have researched the best components opting for higher priced quality made components. I could always make something cheaper, but it won’t be better and I don’t really care if it costs a little more knowing it’s the best I can put out. I always try to Source MADE IN THE USA products as well, no sense in importing something half way across the world if I don’t need to.

All of my products are Proudly MADE IN THE USA in Shoreline,WA  with most parts sourced from the USA and when necessary abroad.

Thanks For Your Interest, Please Email Me… sales (at) with any Questions