February 19, 2013


If the videos don’t work for you try clicking on the links to get directly to the video page, some of the videos use our first generation switch, the wiring is identical for all the transfer switches

Quick overview & explanation of the wiring of the HTS15-MAN



How to wire the HTS15-MAN generator transfer switch, on a finished drywall circuit breaker box. This is our newest switch, the video is more condensed than the previous version using the first generation switch. If more closeups or details are needed please watch the other video. Wiring is identical for all switches.



How to wire the HTS15 generator transfer switch to a circuit breaker panel

This is our first generation switch in the video and the wiring is identical to the new switches, it is longer and has more details and closeups, would be best for someone with little to no wiring experience.


How to wire the HTS15 generator transfer switch to a gas furnace

How to wire the HTS15-MAN to a Gas Furnace that also has an Emergency On/Off Switch and Outlets connected to the same power source.