The easiest way to power a single circuit appliance like a gas furnace, well pump or boiler using a generator during a power failure.

Generator Transfer Switch Single Circuit Specifications

Please Note: This product is currently not available; The New Automatic versions are available now, click here to go to the new HTS15-AUTO

The Heezy HTS15 transfer switch is designed for the control of a single circuit, such as a forced-air furnace, in the event of a power failure you simply connect to your back up power source and flip the switch position. The attached 18″ flexible aluminum conduit is pre-wired and allows the transfer switch to be easily connected at the circuit breaker panel or the furnace or at any point in between. Power can be supplied from a portable generator, inverter, RV generator, fuel cell or any standby source capable of producing sufficient current to operate the desired load.

When I set out creating these transfer switches, I had several goals in mind. easy to use, easy to install and built for a lifetime. I compared other brands of transfer switches that I have installed and used. I found that no other transfer switch could do what the HTS15 can offer.

I searched out the highest quality materials & components, opting for high quality and long life over cost. Then I built prototype after prototype and tested them, sent some to friends to test out and install, all in my effort to design the best single circuit transfer switch that there is on the market. I didn’t add any fancy lights, bells or whistles…Just simple solid design.

Our easy to follow instruction guide and installer video, can help almost anyone experienced or not to install this on their own home equipment. If you can’t install it, send it back for a full 100% refund.

 Power only what you need and use a smaller generator that sips gas!


  • The HTS15 single-circuit 15 Amp furnace transfer switch is designed for use with generators equipped with standard 125Volt A/C, 15 Amp power outlets.
  • The 3 Position Switch (Line Power/Off/Generator) guarantees no back-feeding of the circuit breaker panel.
  • Uses any standard grounded extension cord, 12 or 14 gauge 15 Amp (usually a yellow cord)
  • It can be used on any 15 Amp 120-volt circuit, such as a forced-air furnace, gas fired boiler, refrigerator/ freezer/ lighting circuits. If the circuit you want to power is served by a 15 Amp breaker then the HTS15 will be able to power it.
  • Because it’s grounded to the main whole house ground, you don’t have to ground the generator separately.
  • With the small footprint 4 in x 4 in it can be mounted anywhere, from the circuit breaker to the appliance or anywhere in between.
  • Our 3 way switch also switches the neutral leg of your power which is required for some local electrical codes.
  • Includes easy to follow step by step instructions for installation
  • Lifetime No “BS” Warranty & 90 day no questions asked return policy

Compare our transfer switch features, and you will find that we offer more!

  • Pre-wired 18″ conduit, with 36″+ of 14 AWG machine tool wire.
  • Comes wired to switch the neutral leg of power, required for some local codes, particular generators and (HE) high efficiency appliances. Instructions include a simple bypass to make the transfer switch not switch the neutrals if needed.
  • Special purpose wall anchors, instead of those cheap plastic inserts that require you to drill a hole first, we include Powers wall anchors: mounts directly to drywall/wallboard, masonry, concrete, steel etc.
  • We understand that not everyone is an electrician and while we always recommend to use an electrician if possible, we created our instructional manual for someone with little to no experience with electrical work. Like we said, if you can’t install it send it back for a full refund.
  • Our front panel is made from 304 stainless steel, with laser etched writing that can’t be scratched, sanded or wear off. We even put on a blank spot on the panel to write in which circuit it is for.
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Installation Manual


Manual Transfer Switch Heezy HTS15

All Boxed Up Ready For Install

Whats in the box;

  • 15 Amp single circuit transfer switch w/ conduit whip & wiring
  • 5 Wire connector nuts
  • 4 Sheet metal screws
  • 4 Special purpose wall anchors – can be used for drywall, masonry, steel studs etc.
  • Easy to follow step by step instruction manual with photo’s




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